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The Process of Agriculture – Bizzrise

The Process of Agriculture – Bizzrise

Agriculture is a process we know well we have been watching the fields around us since childhood. But we are unaware of how the grain is produced from the fields, how it reaches our dinner table from the fields. Today we will discuss these things.

What is agriculture?

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture which is not today, since man exists on earth, agriculture has been with us ever since. But in today’s era, agriculture is progressing very fast, today, where the world is progressing in every sector, the same agriculture is also developing very fast. Today such technology is also being used in agriculture. Which has made farming very easy But it was not so easy in ancient times.


How is farming and how is the crop ready?

We all know that to produce crops is called agriculture. But in this section, we will understand how a crop is produced and how it is taken care of. A crop is that which fulfills a man’s food chain, which fulfills the daily needs of man. For this, the farmer prepares the field for crop, the farmer cleans all the weeds from the field and cultivates it. After cultivating farmers prepare the field for Sowing. Before sowing any seed Farmer checks field moisture after that he sows the crop. The farmer takes care of the crop periodically after sowing.and after crop needs time for growing

Implements used in farming

Agriculture products cultivator, sowing machine, potato planter, plow, harvester, thresher, rotavator, straw reaper, puddler, paddy planter, laser leveler, level, paddy thresher, etc.

Importance of implements in Farming

The use of Implements is very important in farming, which saves both the time and cost of the farmer. Which increases the income of the farmer. With cultivators, farmers deeply cultivate the field for his crop, so that the soil of the field is overturned and good soil comes to the surface.

If you’ve eaten today, thank a farmer

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