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Hospital & Diagnostics

Hospital & Diagnostics

Hospital And Diagnostics, The place or  an institution that is built, staffed, and equipped for the diagnosis of disease. The Diagnosis is  the process which determines and explains the symptoms and signs of disease or condition of the person. These are more often referred to as diagnosis with the medical context being implicit. These are used for the treatment, both medical and surgical, of the sick and the injured.  The modern hospital can be used as a centre for investigation and for teaching.

Hospitals  are a diagnostics center.  A diagnosis can be regarded as an attempt at the classification of an individual’s condition into separate and distinct categories. These allow medical decisions about treatment and prognosis to be made. These are also providing patient treatment specialized medical, nursing staff and medical equipment. The hospitals also have an emergency department to treat the urgent problems , ranging from fire and accident victims to a sudden illness.

Some patients go to a hospital just for diagnosis, treatment, or therapy and then leave staying overnight; while others are “admitted” and stay overnight or for another days.

Hospitals and Diagnosis can be classified in various ways  on  the  basis  of  ownership and control, service rendered,  length of stay,  size, or facilities and administration provide. A diagnostic procedure may be performed by various health care professionals such  as physician , physiotherapist , dentist, optometrist, nurse practitioner,  healthcare,  scientist or physician assistant. Hospitals and diagnosis  have Blood test panels that check the blood for finding the symptoms of disease.

General hospitals and diagnosis provided health facilities or community-based entities. These are general in the sense that they admit all types of medical and surgical cases. They also concentrate on patients with acute illnesses needing relatively short-term care. The Community general hospitals vary in their bed numbers.